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Orthopaedic Department

Information about the Centre

The CHIREC Orthopaedic Surgery Department comprises four teams of around 20 surgeons at each hospital.
Our surgeons have an international reputation and use the very latest technology and equipment to perform a wide range of treatment.

Our physicians have pioneered many of today's cutting-edge reconstructive surgery techniques.

Each year, the Department organises at least one major conference in Brussels, which is attended by an international panel of experts.

Procedures Performed

More than 28,000 procedures a year
Our highly qualified team of surgeons specialises in:

  • Shoulder Surgery: 500 procedures a year
  • Knee Surgery: 4,000 procedures a year
  • Hip Surgery: 1,200 procedures a year
  • Back Surgery: 770 procedures a year
  • Hand Surgery: 2,500 procedures a year

Performing 2,500 procedures every year, our Department is the leading centre for hand surgery in Belgium.


Knee Surgery 

  • Ligamentoplasty with tendon or fascia: 144/year
    Average Hospital Stay: 3 days
  • Arthroscopic cruciate ligament repair with or without selective arthrotomy: 276/year
    Average Hospital Stay: 2 days
  • Total Knee Arthroplasty: 990/year                                              
    Average Hospital Stay: 9 days

Hip Surgery

  • Total Hip Arthroplasty: 926/year
    Average Hospital Stay: 9 days

Back Surgery

  • Cervical Fusion: 62/year
    Average Hospital Stay: 4 days
  • Lumbar Fusion: 37/year                                                        
    Average Hospital Stay: 9 days
  • Resection-reconstruction of one or more vertebral bodies: 26/year
    Average Hospital Stay: 12 days

Shoulder Surgery

  • Shoulder Arthroplasty: 27/year
    Average Hospital Stay: 6 days

The Medical Team

Our doctors form a blend of general orthopaedic surgeons and specialists focusing on foot, ankle, knee, hand, shoulder, spinal disorders, sports medicine and total joint reconstructions.

Patrick Zygas, MD: Head of Department at the Cavell site and Head of the Orthopaedics Department CHIREC


Stephane Delcroix, MD: Head of Department at the Parc Leopold site

Jean E.H. Rozenfeld, MD: Head of the CHIREC Orthopaedic Department Basilique. Read more about Dr Rozenfeld

Jacques Bremen, MD: Head of the CHIREC Orthopaedic Department Braine L'Alleud-Waterloo. Read more about Dr Bremen


Pascal Poilvache, MD, PhD, currently performs hip and knee surgery at the Hospital of Waterloo Braine-l'Alleud.
He trained in hip surgery with Professor Postel and Professor Kerboul in Paris, and completed a fellowship in knee surgery with John Insall at the Insall Scott Kelly Institute in New York. He has received several national and international grants and awards, including the prestigious John Insall Travelling Fellowship awarded by the Knee Society in 2002.
He has contributed to a number of key textbooks on knee surgery and has written several papers on knee replacement. He has also helped to design highly successful hip and knee implants.
Dr Poilvache is a member of numerous professional societies and committees and was previously Clinical Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Louvain. Read more about Dr Poilvache

Contact Details

32, rue E. Cavell
1180 Brussels, Belgium